Wednesday, 14 September 2016

An example of Goal Setting by Gareth Davies

A friend of mine uses for blogging articles on politics and coaching.  I hadn't actually stumbled across Medium before reading his post on setting goals in his personal life. For a blogging platform it's pretty clean and from what I've seen it seems pretty popular and is growing by the day.

Anyway, his article on "An Example of Goal Setting" breaks down pretty neatly how to set goals and apply them in a realistic way to your overall aims and objectives.  This one uses his love of cycling as the focus but I'm sure anyone that is looking to hone those planning skills will see how his techniques can be used for any realworld exercise.  To read his blog on go here - and visit google docs here for the article itself  "An Example of Goal Setting for the slowest cyclist in the North East"

Tuesday, 6 September 2016

Lindsay does languages

With the new academic term under way (university students starting soon), I've started looking at courses and blogs that may help fellow readers online.  One of the better ones for those studying languages is Lindsay Dow's "Lindsay does Languages".

A nice little post relating to Self Study Language Learning Motivation can be found here - 5-struggles-with-self-study-language-learning-motivation-youve-probably-experienced-and-what-to-do-about-them

Personally some of her tips can be applied to pretty much all learning and as such I've added her to my blog's lists of recommended sites.

Anaphylactic shock can save lives in the work place

First aid in the workplace is important regardless of company size.  One aspect that isn't covered that often is regarding Anaphylactic shock and what to do.

I'm now writing some guest articles for TutorCare and I've posted one here that might help -

understanding anaphylactic shock can save lives in the work place

The most important factor is to dial 999 as soon as it looks likes like someone has gone into shock but the pointers will hopefully help you spot the triggers and warnings that someone is in trouble.